There is no fiscal gap, but there are anomalies in the bookkeeping; as observed in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Alaska.

NOTE: Please note that this is not a state publication but is our observation of such. Please verify all facts and figures in official State of Alaska financial publications.

      Starting in the year 2002 the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Alaska has had and has now bookkeeping anomalies in the General Fund report. It shows negative numbers in the assets Due From funds or Unassigned funds when any bookkeeper should know there can’t be a negative number there. There are also transposed numbers for the TRANSFERS IN and TRANSFERS OUT funds in the OTHER FINANCING SOURCES. These numbers are where the politicians in office are saying there is a deficit when in reality there is none. We are also looking into the funds within the General Fund that are not showing their figures in the CAFR as they should be. There are three pages of these funds and should be shown to know where the amounts come from. Below are the pages in the CAFR and a sample of what it SHOULD look like. The page numbers in the CAFR are 177 and 178. The website to see the CAFR for the fiscal year of 2017 is:

     This is only Part One (about 1/3 of the state’s finances known as “The Budget”), as we will also cover the other 2/3 of the state’s finances that are in the “Off-Budget” funds in Part Two (to be released soon).

Written by: Shirley Rainbolt (Campaign Consultant to Billy Toien Libertarian For Governor in 2018)  Billy Toien (Libertarian Candidate for Governor 2018)

The figures in the CAFR are printed without the last 3 zeros, these are the complete figures.